25 Sep, 2023

Sample Letter of Marriage Separation Agreement

25 Sep, 2023

If you are going through a separation, it is important to have a formal agreement in place to ensure both parties are protected and aware of their rights and responsibilities. A separation agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the separation.

One of the key components of a separation agreement is a letter of marriage separation. This letter outlines the intent of both parties to separate and lays out the terms of the agreement. Below is a sample letter of marriage separation agreement that you can use as a starting point for your own agreement.


[Name and Address of Spouse]

Dear [Spouse’s Name],

I am writing to you to confirm that we have both agreed to separate from each other. Our separation will commence on [date], and we will both live separately and apart from each other from that date forward.

We have both discussed and agreed upon the following terms and conditions of our separation:

– Property: We will divide our assets and liabilities in accordance with the terms outlined in the attached property division agreement.

– Support: We have outlined the terms of spousal support in the attached support agreement.

– Custody and Access: We have agreed upon the terms of custody and access to our children, as outlined in the attached custody and access agreement.

– Other: We have also agreed to the following additional terms:


    We both understand that this agreement is legally binding and that we will both abide by its terms. We agree to sign and date this agreement on the date indicated below.


    [Your Name]



    Having a formal agreement in place can help to minimize any potential disputes down the road and ensure that both parties are aware of their legal obligations. When drafting your own agreement, it is important to seek the advice of a lawyer to ensure that your agreement is legally binding and enforceable.