01 Juil, 2023

Edinburgh Roadworks Ahead Agreement

01 Juil, 2023

Edinburgh Roadworks Ahead Agreement: A Step towards Smoother Roads

Roadworks can be frustrating, causing delays and disruption to our daily lives. For those living or commuting in Edinburgh, the issue of roadworks is all too familiar. However, a new agreement between the city council and utility companies is set to improve the situation.

The Edinburgh Roadworks Ahead Agreement (ERAA) is a joint initiative between the City of Edinburgh Council and utility companies including Scottish Water, SGN and BT Openreach. The agreement is a commitment to work together to better coordinate and manage roadworks in the capital.

Under the ERAA, all utility companies will have to apply for permit approval before carrying out any roadworks. The council will then assess the impact on traffic flow and coordinate with other planned works to reduce disruption. The agreement also includes strict conditions for works taking place on busy roads and during peak hours.

The initiative has been welcomed by the council and utility companies, who are committed to working together to deliver better-quality services to citizens. Speaking about the initiative, Councillor Lesley Macinnes, Transport and Environment Convener, said, « We`re committed to minimising the impact of roadworks on the public, and this agreement is a positive step in the right direction. »

The ERAA is expected to improve the coordination of works and reduce disruption to commuters. It will also help prevent unnecessary works being carried out thanks to the use of shared trenching, where multiple utilities can share the same excavation rather than digging up the road multiple times.

For residents and businesses, the ERAA brings a much-needed boost to the city`s infrastructure, promoting the use of smarter and more efficient technologies for managing and monitoring works.

The ERAA is part of a wider strategy by the council to improve the city`s roads, which includes investment in new technologies and systems, more efficient use of road space, and a focus on active travel.

Roadworks are an inevitable part of maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure. However, with the right coordination and management, they can be delivered in a way that minimises disruption and maximises benefits. The Edinburgh Roadworks Ahead Agreement is a promising step towards achieving this goal, and we look forward to seeing the benefits for citizens in the coming years.